From our high specification Predator collection through to the character led Little Zoggy, Zoggs goggles encompass a range of impressive features...

Invisible Touch

Air cushion technology addresses two of the biggest bugbears of goggle wearers and also the reason why many don’t wear goggles at all:

  • Uncomfortable goggles against the delicate eye area
  • Marking around the eyes

Air cushion gaskets provide a 'cushioned' seal which gives an
‘invisible touch’ fit which will ensure a comfortable swim without
any chance of marking around the eye

4 Flexpoint Technology™

Silicone injected flex points for enhanced goggle frame flexibility giving a contoured and comfortable fit.

Gaskets that fit like a second skin

Our unique hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal™ frame moulds to the contours of the swimmer’s face, giving a superb customised fit whilst retaining softness to give a ‘second skin’ style comfort.

  • Soft comfortable fit
  • Customised seal
  • Hypo-allergenic

Panoramic vision with curved Lens Technology

CLT™ is lengths ahead of other lens technologies, offering the swimmer 180 degrees peripheral vision and crystal clear clarity.

Anti-Fog Fogbuster™

It’s not much fun swimming blind so we’ve developed Fogbuster™ anti-fog, which offers consistent moiture control for real clarity of vision. Fogbuster™ impregnated lenses will give extra moisture control and a stress free swim.

UV Protection

We love the sun but realise the importance of protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays when swimming. For this reason we have included UV protection as a standard feature on all goggles since 1992. As well as our standard UV360, we have introduced UV40 maximum protection (blocks 99% - 100% of UVA and UVB rays) to ensure swimming is as safe as it is enjoyable.

Clear Vision Lenses

You won’t get better clarity of vision than CV™ lenses. The perfect balance no matter what the weather conditions, amplifying light in darker conditions and reduce glare in sunny conditions.